Best Metal Songs About Breaking Up

These metal songs about breaking up capture the pain of how it feels to split up with someone you love. If you’re putting together a playlist of metal breakup songs, these hits are a great place to start.

The best metal songs about being dumped are songs of loneliness, longing, and loss – all emotions that come when a couple breaks up. Of course, there's usually a ton of anger after a bad breakup as well. These musicians know how that feels. The right song can soothe you, or at least make you feel like you aren’t alone. Heartache is universal, and metal songs about breakups exist for this very reason.

One song that perfectly captures the pain of a breakup is “This Love” by Pantera. This song tops a lot of “best of” metal lists, with good reason. There are many ways to interpret the song, but it seems to powerfully convey the sense of utter agony that comes when a relationship that meant everything suddenly ends.

From “Snuff” to “Love is Hell,” these are breaking up metal songs at their best. Vote for your favorite heavy metal songs about breaking up, and vote down any songs that you don’t think qualify.

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