The Best Evil Metal Songs

Evil comes in many forms. This is especially true when it comes to metal songs about evil. Not surprisingly, a lot of songs in this often dark and brooding genre tackle evil subjects. These are some of the best.

Point of view has a lot to do with many of these evil metal songs. Consider the person singing: who is he, or she? “Lord of This World” by Black Sabbath is a good one to discuss. Some believe this song is told from Satan’s point of view, detailing how he becomes the lord of this world on the backs of the greedy, prideful people. Others may believe that this song is more general, a lament on how humans are inherently boastful and selfish, caring only about money, power, and other worldly things. In both cases, this is a song about evil – be it the devil himself or the people who do wrongs.

Other heavy metal songs about evil address the monsters of humanity, including “Angel of Death” by Slayer. This song is about Nazi killer Josef Mengele (known as the Angel of Death), certainly a man who was capable of great evil.

From songs about murder to songs about the evil men do or songs about flat-out worshipping Satan, these are all evil songs in one way or another. Vote for your favorites.

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