The Best Metal Songs About Exes

These metal songs about exes can help you send off a former lover with anger, anguish, or sometimes even humor. Feeling jilted? Don't worry – that pain has certainly been felt by the writers and performers of these exes metal songs. If you’re putting together a playlist to help you get over your ex, this list is an excellent place to start.

When it comes to heavy metal songs about exes, many of the tunes listed here express feelings of rage, betrayal, and sadness. “Angry Again” by Megadeth, “(I Hate) Everything About You” by Three Days Grace, and “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” by Motörhead are fairly self-explanatory. Some of these musical stories are told with humor (“Bitch Came Back” by Theory of a Deadman), and others are just sick of feeling sick about a breakup in general (“She’s Gone” by Black Sabbath).

And not all of the songs on this list are metal songs about ex-girlfriends. Halestorm’s 2009 hit “Bet U Wish U Had Me Back” is a lament to frontwoman Lzzy Hale’s ex, a guy who two-timed her. Years later, she saw the guy – and he mentioned he loved the song. Oh, the irony.

What’s your favorite metal song about an ex? Vote up your favorites here, and don’t forget to make that playlist!

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