The 60+ Best Angriest Metal Songs

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In the mood for some totally savage metal songs about hate? Wanna take a fiery bath in unadulterated aural aggression? This list fits the bill, delivering some of the most scathing, brutal metal songs about anger ever made. If your blood isn’t boiling now, just watch some of the videos. It will. And then you'll be ready to destroy everything in your path. Probably don't listen to this while driving. 

No matter what you’ve got to be angry about, there is a song for it. Metal, as a whole, has a wide array of hate-filled songs to add on any “I’ve Had Enough of Everything” playlist. Angry metal songs have been around for as long as the genre itself. This list includes some classic hate metal songs from bands like Slayer and Pantera to possibly the most hate-fueled band of all time, Slipknot. 

What is the absolute best metal song about hate and anger? That’s for you to decide. Hard rock songs about hate are perfect for those times when you’ve got to let off a little steam. Some songs deal directly with friends hating friends, others highlight the anger and hatred that often stem from broken relationships. And then there are those songs about blind hatred for everything and everyone. There is, after all, a “Thin Line Between Love and Hate” (according to Iron Maiden). Let’s cross that line, right here, right now, by voting for the best metal songs about hatred.

Most divisive: Matter of Time
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