What Metal Songs About Isolation Should You Add To Your Quarantine Playlist?

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Metal fans only: Vote up the metal songs about isolation you would add to your quarantine playlist.

When the world is sent into a global lockdown and isolation is mandatory, heavy metal fans might find themselves spending hours compiling the perfect playlist to fit their current despair. While there are plenty of metal songs about loneliness to go around, this playlist is limited specifically to metal songs about isolation. Led Zeppelin's "Tea for One," for example, is a remarkably accurate picture of how many of us spend our days in a legally mandated quarantine; and though Godsmack wrote "I Stand Alone" to be featured in The Scorpion King, there is still something rather resonating about the lyric, "I'm not dying for it." 

What better way to avoid becoming lonely than by composing a playlist of the best heavy metal isolation songs according to what other metal fans deem worthy of a listen?


  • Stranger in a Strange Land
    68 votes
    • Album(s): Somewhere in Time
  • Alone Again
    48 votes
    • Album(s): Tooth and Nail
  • Antisocial


    51 votes
    • Album(s): State of Euphoria
  • Solitude


    Black Sabbath
    52 votes
    • Album(s): Master of Reality
  • Lonely Day
    System of a Down
    73 votes
    • Album(s): Hypnotize
  • I Stand Alone
    66 votes
    • Album(s): Faceless