The Best Metal Songs About Killing

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Metal music deals with some pretty intense subjects, and these songs about indulging the basest of base desires are no exception. These metal songs about killing are among the best this music genre offers. From heavy metal to death and doom metal, the songs listed here are all about taking lives. Some are historical, documenting the lives of famous murderers. Others are more about fantasizing about killing.

Some of these killing metal songs are general, where the singer talks about hating everyone and everything, and wanting to wipe out the entire human race. But most of these heavy metal songs about killing are fairly specific. In “Killing Machine,” the band Judas Priest has made an anthem for murderers everywhere with lyrics including, “I got no face no name, I’m just a killing machine.” Lines like, “Cutting the population down” leave little to speculate about. This is straight-up murdering music.

Metal songs about murder can also be historical. There are several songs about famous mass murderers. Jack the Ripper seems popular (“The Somatic Defilement” by Whitechapel is just one example), and Slayer’s “Angel of Death” is about Nazi killer Josef Mengele (known as the Angel of Death).

Metal songs about killing someone can be directed at one particular person – be it a former lover or friend – or just a stranger who wronged another. Whatever the case, a majority of songs on this list expresses immense anger, pain, and violence. Be sure to vote for your favorites.

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