The Best Metal Songs About Missing Someone

Metal songs about missing someone reflect the pain and loss that mark those desperate times when you miss somebody so badly, it’s agony. And these songs reflect that, powerfully.

These heavy metal songs about missing someone can vary in terms of the situations. In some of these songs, the singer is clearly missing someone who has died. Grief is the overwhelming theme. In others, the singer is missing someone while out on the road performing. Most of these metal songs about loss, however, are about missing someone after a breakup.

These singers have been there. You break up with someone. You think you’ll be fine. Days go by, and then…wham! All those feelings of loneliness and loss hit you like a hammer. These metal songs might be helpful in times like this – music is therapeutic. Listening to these songs might give you a way to work your feelings out. The songs listed here are proof that you aren’t alone in your heartache, after all.

Which of these metal songs about missing someone resonate the most with you? Vote up all of your favorites, and vote down any that just don’t connect.

Photo: Cristiano Maia / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0
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