The 45+ Best Metal Songs About Being In Pain

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Metal songs about pain express the agony of both physical pain and emotional pain, all with some shredding guitar licks. This is one genre of music that seems to always accurately captures the feelings of loss, loneliness, and isolation that can come when someone is hurting. Want to wallow in your own pain for a while? Listen to these metal songs about being hurt.

Some of the heavy metal songs about pain on this list have “pain” right in the song title (“Here Comes the Pain” by Slayer, “Pain and Pleasure” by Judas Priest, and “I Live for Your Pain” by Helloween, for example); others do not. These metal songs about hurting are more subtle, but no less powerful, offering up tales of psychological pain and agony and, sometimes, the feeling that life isn’t worth living (just listen to Metallica’s haunting ballad “Fade to Black").

Regardless of their approach, many of these metal songs about being in pain prove that if you are hurting, you are not alone – someone else, at some point, has felt the same kind of torment and misery, and put these feelings into song. Be sure to vote for your favorite pain metal songs, and make a playlist from these. Music can help if you’re feeling alone and hurt.

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