The Best Metal Songs About the Devil

It should come as little surprise that there are many metal songs about the devil. Metal has long pushed boundaries, and songs about ultimate evil certainly do that in the minds of many listeners. These songs are often filled with angst, suffering, and misery – powerful emotions for a powerful subject. For decades, it’s been asked: is metal music the devil’s music? No, but the genre most certainly has a dark side, and you’ll find that here among these heavy metal songs about Satan.

You will no doubt recognize several highly satanic metal bands on this list. These are hard-core bands, and their metal songs are about Satan, plain and simple. These bands include Marduk, Deicide, and Behemoth.

Why the plethora of the devil metal songs? Again, it comes back to the idea that metal music is dark, almost mystical. Satanic metal songs just fit right in. Sometimes they’re truly shocking, other times the songs are about a person’s battle with Satan, and struggles to overcome.

Which of these best satanic metal songs is the best ever? Vote your favorites to the top of the list, and add any tracks that are missing.

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