Insanely Funny Photos Every Mexican Food Lover Can Relate To

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If you love to taco 'bout Mexican food puns then come on in, grab a tortilla, and let the pun begin to roll. Here you'll find a collection of hilariously bad Mexican food memes and puns sure to liven up any late-night trip to Taco Bell better than Baja Blast. So if you enjoy delightfully eye-roll-worthy Mexican food wordplay or just maintaining a storehouse of bad jokes like a GIF folder on your iPhone, then this list will satisfy you as just as much as any Taco Tuesday. 

As finely crafted as the cuisine itself, the art of the Mexican food pun covers a vast number of topics, topics that not just anyone can master. These clever restaurant names and food jokes require both tact and good taste, things you may need to cultivate yourself. But after a glance through these food puns, you'll have these funny Mexican food puns wrapped up tighter than a burrito.