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Graveyard Shift
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Here Are The Most Haunted Places You Can Visit In Mexico City

Updated 5 Sep 2019 12.9k views13 items

Built on the ruins of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan - wherein stones are stained with the blood of human sacrifice, as well as betrayal and slayings at the hands of Spanish conquistadors - Mexico City is rumored to be filled with ghosts. For those interested in Mexico City's legends, however, not all of its ghosts are from the distant past. Stories of slayings and untimely passings haunt the streets, buildings, and back alleys of this metropolis - in places you can still visit today. 

From the historic city center, which is home to long-ago human sacrifices and the Spanish Inquisition, to the flowering islands south of the city, wherein the Island of the Dolls provides a creepy and poignant memorial, these are the most haunted places in Mexico City. All remain in existence - in one form or another - though you may want to pay your respects from the outside, lest you find yourself on the wrong end of a ghostly visitation.

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