21 Original MHA Character Designs From Fans That We Wish Were Real

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One of the best things about My Hero Academia are the amazing and diverse characters that the series has to offer. The creator, Kohei Horikoshi, never seems to run out of creative ideas when it comes to designing heroes and their unique quirks. Therefore, it's not surprising that the popular series has inspired fans to create their own original MHA character designs. 

Many artists on DeviantArt were challenged to create their own My Hero Academia-inspired character designs. These fan designs replicate the series' character profiles that often appear during the anime's commercial break. Fans also made sure to include in-depth bios about these characters, such as their hero names and quirk descriptions. 

This list introduces some of the best fanmade MHA character designs from DeviantArt, ranked by your votes. Vote up the characters that you wish were canon!


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    Photo: p-ol / DeviantArt

    Artist p-ol created the character Ankoku Mayoi (Hero name: Void) who possesses a Portal quirk that allows her to open and travel through dimensions. She is a student at Shiketsu High School and loves coffee and desserts. 

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    Artist Ringoleen created the character Hinata Inoue (Hero name: Corona) who possesses a Solar Flare quirk that allows her to absorb solar energy and manipulate it into fire. She is the vice president of Class 2-A at Shiketsu High School.

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    Artist Eien-no-Yoru created the character Komorebi Torimodosu (Villain name: Kokkaku) who possesses a Bone Reproduction quirk that allows him to reproduce bones and use them as weapons or shields. He is a fearsome villain with a sadistic personality and a penchant for torture.

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    Artist megu--san created the character Dokyou Honoka (Hero name: Nervona) who possesses a Neurokinesis quirk that allows her to manipulate the senses, reflexes and movements of others. She has the power to inflict pain as well. Honoka is a third-year student at Shiketsu High.