Weird Nature Miami Animal Activists Are Trying To Save A Snaggletoothed Squirrel  

Kate Jacobson
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A sweet little honey squirrel named Sabrina is facing some serious struggles. Specifically, she has a snaggletooth that's growing into her face and could kill her if it's not fixed. But the people of Miami, FL, are trying to help her. 

Sabrina lives in a tree near downtown Miami. When Miami resident Jessica Buhl saw her furry friend – and her life-threatening teeth situation – she knew she had to step in and help. Now, with the help of her friends and a group of Miami animal lovers and activists, Buhl is trying to give Sabrina a new lease on life. Hopefully Sabrina the snaggletoothed squirrel gets new teeth, so she can roam around South Florida for a little while longer.

A Squirrel With A Snaggletooth Is A Potential Hazard To Itself


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According to the Miami New Times, Buhl first spotted the squirrel and her crazy teeth when she was visiting a government center in Miami. Buhl said Sabrina was a bubbly, fun squirrel who wasn't afraid to approach humans and say hello. The most striking feature about the animal was definitely her overgrown teeth, which were so long they protruded from her bottom jaw and looked as though they would impale her head. 

When squirrels have overgrown teeth, they do pose a health threat. Not only do they affect their ability to eat and drink, but the teeth can also grow into their head and cause serious injury. Buhl said she's worried Sabrina might die if they don't get her teeth trimmed.

Activists Are Having Problems Finding People Willing To Help Them


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Buhl reached out to the city of Miami, various animal rescue groups, and local veterinarians to try and trap the squirrel and trim her teeth. But a lot of them said they were unable to because of finances or a lack of resources. She turned to Instagram for help, and connected with a landscaper named Bradley Gene. He has a pet squirrel named Seymour, who has amassed something of a cult following

They're raising money to try and trap Sabrina and pay for her teeth to get trimmed. 

They're Lobbying To Get A County-Approved Tree Trimmer To Help Them


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As of June 2017, Buhl is raising money to get a county-approved tree trimming company to help them trap Sabrina. They also need funds to send Sabrina to a vet. Buhl and Gene said they aren't going to give up until Sabrina has a new set of (trimmed) teeth.

"I've been watching her for three weeks and she has such a fighting spirit," Gene told the New Times. "She's fighting, so I'm fighting."