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Michael J. Fox TV Show/Series Credits

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TV Shows featuring Michael J. Fox, listed alphabetically with photos when available. All of the TV programs that had Michael J. Fox in the cast are featured here. Michael J. Fox may have had a prominent role in these shows, but this list also includes shows where Michael J. Fox had a guest starring role or cameo appearance. You can find additional information about these Michael J. Fox shows as well, such as who else starred on the show and who created it.

This list features shows like Family Ties and Wigets.

This list answers the questions, "What shows has Michael J. Fox been on?" and "What are the best Michael J. Fox TV shows?"

If you're a TV junkie, this list is the perfect resource for finding some new Michael J. Fox shows that you haven't already seen. If you're going to waste time watching television you might as well do it while watching shows starring Michael J. Fox. {#nodes}


  • Family Ties

    Michael J. Fox, Meredith Baxter

    PremieredSeptember 22, 1982

    Family Ties is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from September 22, 1982 until May 14, 1989. The series, created by Gary David Goldberg, reflected the move in the United States from the cultural...  more

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  • Leo and Me

    Michael J. Fox, Brent Carver


    Leo and Me is a Canadian television sitcom that was originally produced in 1976 but did not air until 1981. It starred a 15 year old Michael J. Fox, in his television acting debut, playing Jamie, the...  more
  • One to Grow On

    Betty White, Michael J. Fox


    One to Grow On is an educational public service announcement that broadcast during NBC's Saturday morning line-up from 1983 to 1989 when the network ran cartoons. The name is taken from the custom of...  more
  • ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World

    James Cameron


    ODYSSEY: Driving Around the World is a documentary television series. It follows the 66,000-kilometre driving expedition of seven Americans, including travel writer Rolf Potts. They depart from San...  more
  • Palmerstown, U.S.A.

    Michael J. Fox, Louis Gossett


    Palmerstown is a 1980 TV series....
  • Spin City

    Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear

    PremieredSeptember 17, 1996

    Spin City is an American television sitcom that aired from September 17, 1996, until April 30, 2002, on ABC. Created by Gary David Goldberg and Bill Lawrence, the show was based on a fictional local...  more

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  • The Good Wife

    Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski

    PremieredSeptember 22, 2009

    The Good Wife (CBS, 2009) is an American television legal and political drama created by Robert King and Michelle King. Alicia has been a good wife to her husband, a former state's attorney. After a...  more

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  • Wigets

    Patrick Stewart, Michael J. Fox