Graveyard Shift

Michael Jace, From Forrest Gump And Boogie Nights, Killed His Wife In Front Of Their Kids

Whether you want to admit it or not about your faves, crimes committed by actors occur all the time. For certain celebrities, their courtroom and criminal drama far outshines that of any of their professional drama. The horrific crimes committed by Michael Jace stand as one example. After 22 years as a successful actor who appeared in classics such as Forrest GumpBoogie Nights, and a recurring role in The Shield, Jace ruined it all when the actor shot his wife in front of their children on May 21, 2014. Though he's one of many celebrities who shot their spouses, Jace holds the distinction of doing it in front of his own kids, a level of depravity most actors reserve for their most villainous roles. 

Instead of being remembered as a thespian and successful actor, Jace will forever be known as a celebrity who killed someone, a distinction that, unfortunately for him, isn't even all that uncommon.