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The Craziest Conspiracies That Surround The Death Of Michael Jackson

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If there’s one question that’s plagued the world for the better part of a decade it’s “How did Michael Jackson die?” Sure, we all know the official story, that his personal physician administered too many painkillers, which reacted violently to the pharmaceuticals that he was surreptitiously taking, thus killing the star. But it’s possible that there’s more to the death of Michael Jackson. A star of that magnitude doesn’t simply shuffle off of this mortal coil by accident. Someone, or something, had to have a hand in his death. The scary thing about Michael Jackson death theories is that some of them actually seem like they might be closer to the truth than the official story.

Pretty much right after the singer died, Michael Jackson death conspiracies began to blossom like a peach tree. Alleged federal agents came out of the woodwork to claim that Jackson had made enemies in the government, his family cried fowl on his will, and then there’s that tricky death certificate that no one signed. What’s up with that? But maybe none of those theories have any legs and Jackson is actually a 3,000 year old alien who had to go home. We can’t discount anything, not until we know the truth.

Vote on the theories about the King of Pop’s death you think are most likely to be true. And if you’ve got some dirt on who killed Michael Jackson, tell us in the comments, the Internet’s very own unlit parking garage. 

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    Did He 'Beat It' on His Own?

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    Regardless of his fame and fortune, Michael Jackson lived a life of near complete solitude. Having such a vast amount of fame from such a young age not only closes you off from almost every real world experience imaginable, it also damages your psyche in ways that we can't begin to comprehend. Aside from being cut off from the rest of the world, Jackson was also obviously suffering from extreme body dysmorphia, a severe form of depression that not only affects the way you look at yourself, but how you look at the rest of the world. 

    Many performers discuss a type of black cloud that forms over their heads that hovers above and darkens their hearts for hours to days; usually until the next performance. If Jackson were feeling that kind of performer's depression, and it compounded with his lifetime feelings of alienation, paranoia, and addiction to prescription medication, then the possibility Jackson committing suicide only to have it covered up by his family and large collection of handlers isn't out of the question. 

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    Obviously, He Was Killed by the Illuminati

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    Why are we wasting all of our time discussing conspiracy the conspiracy theories behind Michael Jackson's death when we know the Illuminati was behind the entire thing? Apparently after a lifetime of being groomed by the Illuminati to hypnotize the youth of America into doing. . . something, Jackson began to slip symbols into his album artwork as a means to pass information about them to the public and his CIA handler. 

    Fearing that the Illuminati would catch on to his coded signals he began to create messages about their plans in his song titles, but it was already too late. For his infractions against the secret cabal, the Illuminati attempted to discredit him through child molestation charges. Presumably, when Michael didn't stop speaking out about the Illuminati's spooky machinations they took things to the extreme and ushered the King of Pop off of this mortal coil. 

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    Jackson Was a Product of MK-Ultra

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    In case you've made it this far in your life without hearing about MK-Ultra, here's a quick primer. After World War II the American government experimented on people, mostly children, in order to make sleeper agents who could disassociate from their government jobs (i.e. killing Soviet baddies) and go about their normal lives. The government may have even used pop stars in order to hide their agents in plain sight. 

    It's been noted by many conspiracy theorists that MK-Ultra victims use art as a way to work through the pain of their programming, and that their art tends to take on the motif of duality. Jackson was nothing if not a visual representation of duality. He was in the Jackson 5 before going solo, his skin tone changed from a dark brown to a ghostly white, he had the song "Black or White," and his Dangerous-era art work featured a checkerboard pattern. Either Jackson was trying to work through the trauma of his childhood, or he was telling other victims who had lived through MK-Ultra programming that they weren't alone.

    Prior to his death, Jackson became somewhat of a paranoid recluse. He insisted that people were trying to kill him, and he may have been right. Did Jackson expose the government's secret mind control program, giving them no other option than to end the reign of the King of Pop?

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    Did Michael Jackson Clone Himself Prior to His Death?

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    Did you think you were going to get out of a list of conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson's death without reading about some clones? If so, you're a bigger fool than the people who don't believe that there are a bunch of sassy King of Pop clones running around. Director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research Michael C. Luckman has made the clones claim, revealing the information was given to him by late celebrity fashion designer Andre Van Pier - who designed stage costumes for Michael and his sister Janet Jackson. 

    Jackson's interest in cloning began after Dolly the Sheep was successfully cloned, and then after he allegedly heard false claims made by the Raelians, a UFO cult group with headquarters in Canada, that they had cloned the first human baby. The theories goes that the singer made multiple DNA deposits in hopes of living forever via the miracle of science. So even if the original is gone, we can expect one of his clones to release a new album any day now.

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