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Every Version Of Michael Myers From The 'Halloween' Franchise, Ranked

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Michael Myers is a cinema icon, but over the years, he's become more than just a typical movie monster. In the five decades since he was first introduced, Myers has become the face of Halloween - both the movie franchise and the holiday. Along with Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface, Michael has gone from a masked maniac to a cinematic legend who represents all that goes bump in the night. 

But not all versions of Michael Myers are equal. In some Halloween movies, he's an everyday masked killer, while in others, he's the puppet of an evil cult or is magically incapable of dying. 

Which Michael Myers is the best Michael Myers? Vote up your favorite version of the Halloween killer. 

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  • Tagline: Evil. Unmasked.

    Rob Zombie's version of Michael Myers is less of a psychic, immortal killing machine and more of a white-trash killer with a tragic past. Abused and bullied as a child, young Michael is seen killing small animals before he strikes out against the school bully, his older sister Judith, her boyfriend Steve, and his mother's awful boyfriend Ronnie. 

    Hiding behind the masks he creates in his cell, this Michael Myers is very crafty, using the masks to bring forth his killer personality, with his favorite being the classic spray-painted Captain Kirk mask.

    This version of Myers is very much a human, albeit a massive one with long, stringy hair and intense upper-body strength. He goes after his sister Laurie so he can finish what he started - not for any supernatural reason. 

    How Michael "Dies": He is shot in the face.

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  • Tagline: Ten years ago, he changed the face of Halloween. NOW HE'S BACK!

    After a Michael-less third outing with Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Halloween IV is a return to form as Michael once again takes center stage. Set 10 years after the second film, Michael awakens from a coma once he discovers the existence of his niece, Jamie, a young orphan who is given to a new family after the death of her mother, Laurie. 

    This version of Michael is more supernatural in nature: He's incredibly strong and seems impervious to most conventional weapons. He's able to shove his thumb through a skull like it's butter (RIP Mr. Ambulance Technician) and rip off heads with ease, decapitating many a victim with his bare hands. This Halloween plants the seeds of supernatural Michael Myers, which takes shape alongside a more complex mythology in later movies.

    How Michael "Dies": Michael is shot and falls down a mine shaft.

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    Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

    Tagline: Six times the terror... Six times the fear... Six times the thrills...

    In this sixth outing, Michael Myers continues his transition into a magical serial killer with superpowers. Not only is he extremely strong, but he's also plagued by a druid curse, which was hinted at in earlier movies. 

    In the previous films, Dr. Loomis mentioned "the curse of Samhain," and later, it is revealed that a druid curse serves as a driving factor behind Michael's evil nature and need to kill. In The Curse of Michael Myers, the Cult of Thorn is unveiled to be behind Michael's metamorphosis. The Cult of Thorn is an ancient order that commands a child to kill his entire family as a blood sacrifice to keep the cult alive.

    He's also able to father a child, as he impregnates his niece Jamie in a cringe-inducing scene that even most dedicated fans don't like to recall. 

    By this time, Michael is no longer a man - he's an unstoppable killing machine who has inhuman strength and cannot die, resembling more of a Jason Vorhees knock-off. He has a psychic connection to the cult, which can control him using the symbol of Thorn tattooed on his wrist, and he's nearly impossible to kill, as the cult controls every aspect of his being - including his ability to die. In The Curse of Michael Myers, the character strays the furthest from his origin story and is more myth than man. 

    How Michael "Dies": Tommy Doyle electrocutes Michael.

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  • Tagline: Michael lives. And this time, they're ready!

    In the fifth film, the Halloween franchise leaves reality firmly behind as it begins to use supernatural elements like curses and cults as plot devices. 

    One year after The Return of Michael Myers, Michael is still on the hunt for his niece Jamie, with whom he now shares a psychic connection. The two are able to telepathically link with each other due to their familial ties, adding to the supernatural aspect of the story. 

    Also, Michael seemes to pick up the ability to drive, using a car to chase unsuspecting teenagers at a Halloween party. While not supernatural or paranormal, it just seems like an odd skill for a killer who's been locked up most of his adult life (this ability to drive returns in the later Halloween reboots).

    Furthermore, the ending of Revenge implies that Michael can "never die," and that he might be an immortal being. This later ties into the Cult of Thorn, which this film hints at with a glimpse of Michael's tattoo, a symbol that places him under the cult's control.

    How Michael "Dies": He doesn't. Terence Wynn, who is secretly working with the Cult of Thorn, abducts Michael and Jamie.

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