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"Irish" Micky Ward, played by Mark Wahlberg in "The Fighter", had a movie made about him for a reason - he was as tough a brawler as the modern-day fight world has seen. He was a hell of a puncher - particularly to the body - but even more legendary were his chin and heart. You UFC fans need to sit down and check this out - you may learn that there's still something to be said for the sweet science, particularly when watching a true warrior like Ward, as well as his fellow gladiator Arturo Gatti (these fights happened after the film's timeline ended). The 3 Micky Ward vs Arturo Gatti fights in the early 2000s are legendary among boxing fans, and they are well-represented here in this compilation of Micky Ward's bloodiest battles. The first five list items are the best fights of Mickey Ward, while the last 5 positions showcase the most brutal individual rounds. These videos will show you very clearly why true fight fans rank Ward higher than his record - solid as it was - would indicate.

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Ward vs. Neary

Ward loses virtually every minute of every round then stops Shea Neary with a liver shot in Round 8 that hurts out in TV land.

If you want to just cut to the chase, start at about 2:20


Ward vs. Sanchez

Another stomach turning come from behind liver shot stoppage in Round 7.


Gatti/Ward I - Round 9



Gatti/Ward II - Round 3

Gatti/Ward II was also a monster battle, but I had to leave it out of his best 5 fights. Round 3 makes one of his top 5 ROUNDS though: