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11 Timeline Facts About The Middle Ages That Prove Western Europe Wasn't The Center Of The Universe

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The world is a big place, and the scope of history is even bigger. It's pretty difficult to know every single event in history, but it's also possible to lose sight of how historical happenings from around the globe line up with one another. Looking at a timeline can be pretty mind-blowing when you realize Uranus was discovered before Antarctica and the Founding Fathers of the United States never knew about dinosaurs

Even when you condense time into a period like the Middle Ages, it isn't always intuitive to match up something that happened in Western Europe with an event or person in Africa, Asia, or the Americas. We got to thinking about what was happening outside of Western Europe during the medieval period and found some fascinating historical comparisons

While it helped us put time and history into perspective, it also made us realize there's a whole lot about the past that deserves more attention. Take a look and let us know which events you agree have been unfairly overlooked.