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Midnight Special movie quotes follows the investigation into a little boy with special powers which are sought after by a religious cult. The science fiction drama was written and directed by Jeff Nichols. Midnight Special premiered at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival before opening theatrically on March 18, 2016.

In Midnight Special, Roy (Michael Shannon), his accomplice Lucas (Joel Edgerton) and his ex-wife Sarah (Kirsten Dunst) are on the run with his eight-year-old little boy, Alton (Jaeden Lieberher). Alton has special powers, said to be able to break things with his mind, among other powers, which, if in the wrong hands, could lead to a worldwide catastrophe.

Hot on their trail is not only a religious sect, led by Calvin (Sam Shepard), but also the FBI, including investigator Paul (Adam Driver). With one side looking to Alton as a savior (the religious cult) and the FBI looking at Alton as some kind of dangerous weapon, keeping Alton from these parties, safely with his family and out of a position to use his powers for any harm is quite the struggle for Roy.

Midnight Special was just one of several films in theaters in March 2016 along with The Brothers Grimsby, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Eye in the Sky, and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Y'all Have No Clue What You're Dealing With

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Paul: We need to know where he is.
Calvin: Y'all have no clue what you're dealing with, do you?

Paul wants nothing more than to find Alton, the missing little boy with special powers. But as Calvin tries to explain, this is no ordinary little boy and will make finding him a very unconventional task.
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An Amber Alert for an Eight-Year-Old Boy

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News Broadcaster: Police issued an Amber Alert for an eight-year-old boy. He was abducted from his home near El Dorado, Texas...
Roy: It's time. Are you ready?
Alton: Yeah
News Broadcaster: Please call 911 with any information...
Roy: Okay

One element of the film's plot is revealed in a quick clip showing father Roy, along with accomplice Lucas, are on the run with Roy's son, Alton. While Roy is the boy's father, there is an Amber Alert out for Alton and the trio must lay low as to not be found.
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I'll Always Worry About You

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Alton: Dad, are you scared?
Roy: Yes
Alton: You don't have to worry about me.
Roy: I like worrying about you.
Alton: You don't have to anymore.
Roy: I'll always worry about you, Alton. That's the deal.
Alton: It's okay. I know why I'm here.

Expressing bravery far past his years, Alton explains to his father, Roy, that he needn't be afraid. But as Roy explains back, worrying about a child is something you cannot simply turn on and off at will.
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Good People Die Everyday Believing Things

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Sarah: He believes in something you don't.
Lucas: It doesn't matter. Good people die everyday believing in things.

Lucas tries to talk some sense into Sarah when she begins talking about beliefs. As Lucas reminds her, beliefs only do so much and sure don't keep you from death just by believing.
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