Graveyard Shift The Terrifying Tale Of Charon Is Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares  

Rebecca High

There are a few professions that have seen and heard it all: nurse, bartender, and taxi driver come to mind. In ancient Greek mythology, the ferry captain to the underworld was a character who'd seen a lot of things, and just one of his appearances is re-told in the video below.

Charon (pronounced Karen) is, in Greek mythology, "the ferryman of Hades" who transports the souls of the dead across the mystical river that separates the land of the living from the land of the dead. 

When a person died in ancient Greece, they were buried with a coin in their mouth as payment to Charon for his ferrying services. The myth claimed that those who refused or who couldn't afford to be buried with a coin were then cursed to roam the riversides for eternity, caught in everlasting purgatory between death and life.

Charon was the gatekeeper to many a good tale, having ferried celebrities and paupers alike on the front lines of the journey between life and death. Watch this video for one of many tales involving Charon, guide to the underworld.