Midwestern Slang Nobody On The Coasts Knows

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Midwesterners only: vote up the slang you actually use.

As they say: Midwest is best. After all, it's the central, beating-heart of a nation rich in diversity and complexity. Though the Midwest technically spans a swath of states and encompasses a mass of people, there's a pretty universal collection of regional slang that those who hail from one of the mid-section "belts" can probably identify, and that they most likely use.

Midwestern slang even makes its way into the vernacular of other US regional dialects without skipping a beat. Words and phrases from the Midwest are characteristically funny, nice to a fault, and often derivative of the area's Scandinavian immigration history. 

Ope? Hotdish? Expressway? Head to either of the coasts, and you're not likely to get a response. But in the Midwest? These simple, often literal phrases and words may be confusing at first, but for those in the know, they get straight to the point. The verbal expressions that stem from the flyover states flavor the standard of continental English - and it may surprise you which familiar slang terms originate in America's midsection.