Stereotypes People From The Midwest Are Tired Of Hearing

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Midwesterners: vote up tired stereotypes are you are just plain sick of.

Ah, the Midwest - a region that can immediately conjure images of cheese, trucker hats, rabid Greenbay Packers fans, tractors, and corn. But are these images really a fair assessment of the land home to cultural meccas like Chicago and esteemed universities like Oberlin? Whether they realize it or not, many folks out there believe certain stereotypes about Midwestern people. The region is all too often viewed as an uneventful cultural wasteland. This leads to some pretty unfair notions regarding what Midwesterners are like that many people are sick and tired of hearing.

Sure, some of these Midwest stereotypes have some basis in truth. Certain foods, genres of music, and fashion choices are often regionally specific. However, stereotypes are rarely true in their entirety and - not to mention - some preconceived notions have no basis in reality whatsoever. Here, you'll find a collection of some of the most common Midwestern stereotypes that tend to grate on the nerves on those who hail from places like Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Perhaps you know people from the Midwest or even live or grew up there yourself. If so, then now's your chance to strike back against stereotypes of Midwesterners that you feel are ridiculous, unfair, or that you're simply tired of hearing. Let the world know which of these rumors about your people you long to see fade away forever. Vote up the most annoying stereotypes below and feel free to add any annoying Midwest clichés you feel are missing. 

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    We All Grew Up In a Sea Of Corn

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    We Live In a Cultural Wasteland

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    Our Lives Must Be So Boring

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    41 votes

    We All Love Dining At Chains

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    We All Live In Small Towns

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    64 votes

    A Trip To Wal-Mart Is the Highlight Of Our Week