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Miguel Vasquez Creates Realistic Depictions Of Your Favorite Cartoons And They're Upsettingly Good

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Miguel Vasquez is an American artist with an uncanny talent for creating terrifying 3D cartoons. Artists have long since taken to re-imagining everyone's favorite cartoon characters as realistic art, and as if SpongeBob SquarePants wasn't already haunting the dreams of every adult who grew up with that memorable laugh, Vasquez has recreated the underwater creature as a disturbed humanoid. 

Nostalgic fan art always includes a personal touch from the artist. Vasquez's marvelous figurines reflect his fondness for applying human flesh and features to your favorite childhood animations. And if you were ready to give up after Jared Krichevsky's realistic paintings, you might want to avert your eyes from Vasquez's incredible, but horrifying creations. If you enjoy scaring people off with disturbing decor, however, Vasquez sells his 3D figures here.