Mikaela Pascal Ranks Her Top Five Hard Seltzer Flavors

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Vote up the hard seltzers that most satisfy your craving for something a little sweet, a little fizzy, and a little boozy.

The hard seltzer boom can be confusing for anybody weaned on beer and wine. Is it carbonated water? Is it candy? Is it booze? A good hard seltzer drink is all three, and it's also, unsurprisingly, really dang delicious. Hard seltzers are equally suited to a crowded summer barbecue with friends or an evening streaming a movie all by yourself. "They're not too sweet, so you can kind of keep throwing back a few," according to Mikaela Pascal. "And then you get really toasty."

With so many brands and flavors on the market, though, the hard seltzer section at your local supermarket can be a confounding kaleidoscopic array of equally colorful choices. Even Truly flavors are so varied as to be overwhelming. That's why no less a source than Mikaela, whom you can find on Twitter as @Mikaela_Pascal, broke down her favorite hard sletzer flavors across all brands. She's an authority on this, folks, and you can compare your tastes to hers by voting up your own favorites.


  • White Claw Mango
    3 votes

    White Claw Mango

    "I don't know why, but White Claw really nails the mango."

  • Truly Rasberry Lime
    3 votes

    Truly Rasberry Lime

    "An unlikely pairing, but you know what it is? The perfect pairing."

  • High Noon Vodka & Soda Black Cherry
    3 votes

    High Noon Vodka & Soda Black Cherry

    "I'm a lady. I like sweet things."

  • Truly Watermelon & Kiwi
    1 votes

    Truly Watermelon & Kiwi

    "I don't like to eat straight-up kiwi, but I like the flavor of kiwi. It's very flavorful."

  • Truly Blueberry & Acai
    2 votes

    Truly Blueberry & Acai

    "It's not normally a flavor I would go for, but on a summer day, it's surprisingly refreshing."