Unspeakable Times

The Werewolf In A Uniform: Mikhail Popkov's Reign Of Terror On Siberian Women

Over the course of nearly two decades, Mikhail Popkov murdered more than 80 young woman and girls, making him one of Russia's worst serial killers. During the time Mikhail Popkov was committing his gruesome crimes in Siberia, he was dubbed "the Wednesday Murderer" by law enforcement. But after he was apprehended, the press referred to him as the "Werewolf Murderer."

Despite the brutality of his crimes, no one who knew Popkov - including his co-workers, and devoted wife and daughter - suspected he was the man behind the rapes and murders of 82 women and girls. When he was finally arrested, the police and the public learned how Popkov took advantage of his position as a respected authority figure to sexually assault and kill his victims, making the Werewolf Murderer a cautionary tale for people who automatically trust a man in uniform.