23 Infuriatingly Delusional Landlords That Are Beyond Annoying

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Landlords and supers really do run our apartments. From repairs to rescues they can be there for us, but other times, they can really tick us off. The people of r/mildlyinfuriating had some frustrating landlord moments to share. 

Photo: u/son-of-a-beech / u/718Brooklyn

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    Didn't Mention The Leak

    Didn't Mention The Leak
    Photo: u/deleted
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    Sagging Roof

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    Learn To Live With Them

    Learn To Live With Them
    Photo: u/shaybra
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    Doesn't Pass Inspection

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    'It's Fine, You Can Use It Now'

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    Living Room Monstrosity

    Living Room Monstrosity
    Photo: u/darbooka
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