People Are Sharing The Mildly Infuriating Things Their In-Laws Do And We're Low-Key Mad

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From not taking off screen protectors to "testing out" a new couch, here are some of the infuriating things people's in-laws have done. Enjoy!

  • 1. Dang

    Photo: u/eddrriley / Reddit
  • 2. Think That Might Be A No

    Think That Might Be A No
    Photo: u/Username_Used / Reddit
  • 3. Ugh

    Photo: u/scoobdrew / Reddit
  • 4. Frustrating

    Photo: u/dan_craus / Reddit
  • 5. But Why

    But Why
    Photo: u/Wonderful_Minute31 / Reddit
  • 6. The Worst

    The Worst
    Photo: u/jewell1306 / Reddit