People Are Sharing Mildly Infuriating Things They've Had To Deal With At Work And We're Low-Key Mad

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From terrible and inconsiderate customers to nightmare co-workers, jobs can be pretty infuriating at time. Here are some of the worst offenders we've seen. Enjoy!

  • 1. WTF

    Photo: u/Nervous-Clock8361 / Reddit
    406 votes
  • 2. Um What

    Um What
    Photo: u/turtlesurvivalclub / Reddit
    362 votes
  • 3. Heartbreaking

    Photo: u/Weyland223 / Reddit
    294 votes
  • 4. Terrible

    Photo: u/DrRowdybush / Reddit
    400 votes
  • 5. Ugh

    Photo: u/msmith721 / Reddit
    392 votes
  • 6. Entitled Customer Alert

    Entitled Customer Alert
    Photo: u/LoganConeTV / Reddit
    240 votes