29 Mildly Interesting Photos That Really Hit The Spot This Week

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Every now and then we find some images that act as a balm to our troubled souls. As seen on r/mildlyinteresting, this pics will be just the thing to tickle your brain like a fizzy cerebral soda. Yep, that's what we said..

  • 1. Vintage

    Photo: u/daredelvis421 / Reddit
    2,215 votes
  • 2. Should Be More Of These

    Should Be More Of These
    Photo: u/redsterXVI / Reddit
    2,089 votes
  • 3. Spiral

    Photo: u/biglanga / Reddit
    1,659 votes
  • 4. Petite Pineapples

    Petite Pineapples
    Photo: u/Early_Gold_9715 / Reddit
    1,417 votes
  • 5. Secret Jesus

    Secret Jesus
    Photo: u/prospermommy / Reddit
    1,425 votes
  • 6. Rude

    Photo: u/Andrewo25 / Reddit
    1,054 votes