27 Mildly Fascinating Images That Totally Cleansed Our Timeline

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There's plenty of bad news out there if that's what you're looking for but sometimes you want to see something kinda neat. As found on r/mildlyinteresting, here are a bunch of cool images that worked as a balm for our shattered souls.

  • 1. Pumped Parking

    Pumped Parking
    Photo: u/Davicitorra / Reddit
  • 2. That's Nightwing

    That's Nightwing
    Photo: u/SaltMeat709 / Reddit
  • 3. Pick A Side

    Pick A Side
    Photo: u/2448_Reddit_Backup / Reddit
  • 4. Safe Spotted

    Safe Spotted
    Photo: u/bendistraw / Reddit
  • 5. Big Berry!

    Big Berry!
    Photo: u/meadilicious / Reddit
  • 6. The Fabulous Meat Machine

    The Fabulous Meat Machine
    Photo: u/AusJonny / Reddit