29 Interesting Images That Made Us Think, 'That's Actually Pretty Cool'

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If you're ever looking for photos of things that are low-key fascinating, there's no better place to go than r/mildlyinteresting. Here's some of the best pictures from that subreddit that we just had to share. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Pinpoint

    Photo: u/paulethanol / Reddit
  • 2. Mater?

    Photo: u/QuanticChaos1000 / Reddit
  • 3. Snow Shadow

    Snow Shadow
    Photo: u/kipperzdog / Reddit
  • 4. Two-Toned

    Photo: u/LubaLemon / Reddit
  • 5. Art Imitates Life

    Art Imitates Life
    Photo: u/Fashion__ThrowAway / Reddit
  • 6. Baby I'm Ready To Go

    Baby I'm Ready To Go
    Photo: u/anniehern / Reddit