26 Photos We Saw This Week That Are Actually Pretty Interesting

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These photos may not end up in a museum, but that doesn't make them any less interesting! Reddit users have graced the internet with their interesting finds of the week and we can't look away. Check out r/mildlyinteresting for more photos like these.

  • 1. No Arguing With That Name

    No Arguing With That Name
    Photo: u/SlimChiply / Reddit
    25 votes
  • 2. Literally Spot On

    Literally Spot On
    Photo: u/JMZorko / Reddit
    25 votes
  • 3. A Very Useful Keychain

    A Very Useful Keychain
    Photo: u/ChonkaM0nka / Reddit
    25 votes
  • 4. Where's The Pot Of Gold?

    Where's The Pot Of Gold?
    Photo: u/SomeoneFromGalar / Reddit
    47 votes
  • 5. Keeping It Old School

    Keeping It Old School
    Photo: u/cotxscott / Reddit
    36 votes
  • 6. Forbidden Spaghetti

    Forbidden Spaghetti
    Photo: u/smzt / Reddit
    21 votes