People Are Sharing The Unique Features They've Seen In Hotels, And It's Unexpectedly Interesting

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From staff waking tourists for the Northern Lights to buildings with charming origins, here are some of the mildly interesting features of hotels people have seen that made us say “whoa.” Enjoy!

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  • 1. Awesome

    Photo: u/KristjanHrannar / Reddit
    227 votes
  • 2. So Smart

    So Smart
    Photo: u/cawclot / Reddit
    214 votes
  • 3. All Aboard

    All Aboard
    Photo: u/spongecandybandit / Reddit
    245 votes
  • 4. Interesting

    Photo: u/cdvsom / Reddit
    176 votes
  • 5. It's Wednesday My Dudes

    It's Wednesday My Dudes
    Photo: u/SpartanKing76 / Reddit
    200 votes
  • 6. At Least They're Self-Aware

    At Least They're Self-Aware
    Photo: u/NoStelthMod / Reddit
    165 votes