27 Photos We Saw This Week That Aren't Exactly Mind-Blowing But Are Still Pretty Interesting



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Look, not every photo is going to be the most amazing thing you've ever seen. Some of them are just kinda cool. As seen on r/mildlyinteresting, here's the latest crop that made us say, “Neat!”

  • 1. Impressive

    Photo: u/Solid-Kaleidoscope70 / Reddit
    146 votes
  • 2. Splish Splash

    Splish Splash
    Photo: u/UristMasterRace / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 3. Old-Timey

    Photo: u/window-fly / Reddit
    123 votes
  • 4. Fake Sunshine

    Fake Sunshine
    Photo: u/TheGrimReefah / Reddit
    121 votes
  • 5. Wired

    Photo: u/IWindsOfMidgets / Reddit
    80 votes
  • 6. Old Money

    Old Money
    Photo: u/TheRepeatTautology / Reddit
    66 votes