29 Images That Actually Manage To Be Pretty Interesting

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As seen on r/mildlyinteresting here are a bunch of photos that made us cock our head and say, "Huh!" Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. When Recycling Is Informative

    When Recycling Is Informative
    Photo: u/wickerbasket99 / Reddit
    110 votes
  • 2. Life Finds A Way

    Life Finds A Way
    Photo: u/water_aspirant / Reddit
    100 votes
  • 3. The Smallest Glove

    The Smallest Glove
    Photo: u/boopdogg / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 4. Versatile

    Photo: u/r1ch999999 / Reddit
    65 votes
  • 5. Loopy Egg

    Loopy Egg
    Photo: u/cva_thapa / Reddit
    47 votes
  • 6. Here's To Jim

    Here's To Jim
    Photo: u/Kahluma / Reddit
    69 votes