29 Eye-Catching Images That Are The Definition Of 'Mildly Interesting'

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Ever see a photo and think, “Hey, that's pretty interesting”? If not, we can fix that right now with this very list! As seen on r/mildlyinteresting, these images are sure to peak your curiosity and imagination. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. A Tree Grows

    A Tree Grows
    Photo: u/nerdyoats / Reddit
  • 2. Nice Try

    Nice Try
    Photo: u/beeedeee / Reddit
  • 3. Magic Clouds

    Magic Clouds
    Photo: u/JVillan / Reddit
  • 4. Taking It On The Chin

    Taking It On The Chin
    Photo: u/super9mega / Reddit
  • 5. Spin Cycle

    Spin Cycle
    Photo: u/C*ckBastard / Reddit
  • 6. Horse Gate

    Horse Gate
    Photo: u/OneArmJack / Reddit