27 Mildly Interesting Images That Gave Us A Moment Of Peace This Month

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Every now and then we come across some pictures that make us say, "Huh!" You can find more pictures like this at r/mildlyinteresting. Be sure to vote up your favorites. 

  • 1. Shell Shading

    Shell Shading
    Photo: u/paarkrosis / Reddit
  • 2. Natural Pizza Oven

    Natural Pizza Oven
    Photo: u/Yellowman230 / Reddit
  • 3. Circle In The Sky

    Circle In The Sky
    Photo: u/TheAcademy_ / Reddit
  • 4. Americans Love Cartoon Colors

    Americans Love Cartoon Colors
    Photo: u/RRR-Craigyroo / Reddit
  • 5. Music To My Fingers

    Music To My Fingers
    Photo: u/tachoknight / Reddit
  • 6. Actual Cashews

    Actual Cashews
    Photo: u/punkrawke / Reddit