31 Pretty Interesting Photos That Caught Our Eye This Month

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We're going to keep it simple. Here are some pretty interesting photos that show us a slice of life we've never really seen or considered before. You can find more photos like these at r/mildlyinteresting. Be sure to vote up your favorites. 

  • 1. Your Last Accessories

    Your Last Accessories
    Photo: u/undertakerdave / Reddit
  • 2. They Moved The Headstones

    They Moved The Headstones
    Photo: u/quadriplegicswimteam / Reddit
  • 3. Pretty Haul

    Pretty Haul
    Photo: u/vectorvictors / Reddit
  • 4. Handful Of Hedgehogs

    Handful Of Hedgehogs
    Photo: u/Zuntic / Reddit
  • 5. Trunk Library

    Trunk Library
    Photo: u/Thea_From_Juilliard / Reddit
  • 6. Clean Getaway

    Clean Getaway
    Photo: u/Takiller / Reddit