27 Photos We Saw This Month That Are Actually Pretty Interesting

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Not every photo needs to be an exercise in groundbreaking journalism. Sometimes a photo can capture something small and low stakes and still be totally fascinating. This list is full of pictures that have us looking at our world a little differently. You can find more photos like this at r/mildlyinteresting. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Memorial Moments

    Memorial Moments
    Photo: u/mmmarms / Reddit
  • 2. Show Some Respect

    Show Some Respect
    Photo: u/ItzSurgeBruh / Reddit
  • 3. Squeaker

    Photo: u/chakalakasp / Reddit
  • 4. Groovy Geode

    Groovy Geode
    Photo: u/GingerGinny / Reddit
  • 5. Picture Perfect Wear And Tear

    Picture Perfect Wear And Tear
    Photo: u/supremo92 / Reddit
  • 6. Elegant Fungus

    Elegant Fungus
    Photo: u/Spudnut / Reddit