People Are Sharing The Mildly Interesting Things They've Seen In Japan, And It's Pretty Fascinating

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From origami grasshoppers to the quality-of-life improvements to transportation, here are some of the mildly interesting things people have seen while in Japan. Enjoy!

  • 1. Rain Indicator

    Rain Indicator
    Photo: u/eigosensei / Reddit
    111 votes
  • 2. Decorative Sewer Cover

    Decorative Sewer Cover
    Photo: u/SpaceMasala / Reddit
    94 votes
  • 3. Origami Grass Grasshopper

    Origami Grass Grasshopper
    Photo: u/rolandroflz / Reddit
    90 votes
  • 4. Tank-Style Dolly

    Tank-Style Dolly
    Photo: u/Tokyodrew / Reddit
    90 votes
  • 5. Paper To Dispose Of Gum

    Paper To Dispose Of Gum
    Photo: u/tikuku / Reddit
    88 votes
  • 6. Salt Water Sprinklers

    Salt Water Sprinklers
    Photo: u/TheWolvis / Reddit
    94 votes