19 People Describe How They Joined The Mile High Club 

Brandon Michaels
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If you've ever thought about what sex on an airplane is really like, some lucky folks on Reddit know all about it. People who have joined the mile-high club possess no especially remarkable skills, just a dedication to the hot and heavy at higher altitudes than most people are familiar with. Many go into the flight jet-set on getting randy, while others find themselves presented with the perfect possible scenario: an open row, a large passenger obscuring their activities, and even a dead Playstation Portable. While they potentially made for some flight attendant nightmares, these mile-high club stories gave many people some great vacation stories.

Maybe the need for intimate contact comes from the vibration from the jet engines, or maybe the thought of being sardined in a large metal tube gets you going. Most likely, the thrill comes from f*cking in public, a timeless thrill if there ever was one. References to the mile-high club date all the way back to the 1700s, just two years after the first successful human balloon flight in the form of a bet from a Gentlemen's Club: "Ld. Cholmondeley has given two guineas to Ld. Derby, to receive 500 Gs whenever his lordship f*cks a woman in a balloon one thousand yards from the Earth." Well, now you can finally see what Cholmondeley was so worked up about!

1/5. Would Not Repeat

From Redditor /u/underthere:

One of the most mortifying moments of my life was getting caught doing this. My GF at the time and I really wanted to try, so we booked seats on a redeye, thinking no-one would pay us any mind. She went into the bathroom, and I joined her a minute later. I go in, and since we have been whispering about it and thinking about it for weeks I am hard and she is wet.

I put it in and BAM BAM BAM the f*cking stewardess is banging on the door and saying "Come out right now! I know what you are doing in there!" We look at each other in horror and I instantly lose my erection. We button ourselves up and skulk out to major stink-eye from everyone sitting nearby (several people were woken up by the stewardess banging on the door/yelling). Had to sit through the rest of the flight with blue balls and extreme shame. The stewardess pointed us out to the captain as we were getting off the flight. 1/5 would not repeat.

The Perfect Crime

From Redditor /u/Jester41K:

Eight hours into the 13 hour flight from JFK to Dubai. After that much time in the air, the FAs are taking a break and most of the people are sleeping. The bigger handicapped lavatory is up near the flight deck of the A380. She walked into the lav and left the door unlocked. I waited a few minutes and then followed her in. After cleaning up, I walked out and she followed a couple minutes after that. The perfect crime.

I Need Help In The Rest Room Due To Personal Issues

From a former Redditor:

I told the flight staff before boarding that my GF at the time needed help using the rest room because of personal issues. I also informed them we are highly embarrassed about it since on our last flight the crew made a huge deal when we were seen going in together (which is a lie). Near the end of the flight we slipped off into the bathroom and went at it. We're both pretty small and it was a very hard maneuver to pull off. However it was awesome at the same time. It was hard hiding back a huge grin walking out.

I didn't come up with that idea, I read it in somewhere.

Achievement Unlocked

From Redditor /u/INT3J3r9:

Red-eye flight. It was before 9/11 happened so flight crews weren't nearly as vigilant. Lights went out. Everyone around us was asleep. We were spooning under a large blanket and she lifted up her skirt. Achievement unlocked.