How Miles Morales Ended Up In The Mainstream Marvel Universe

The earliest, and some might say the best, Miles Morales comics occurred in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, formally known as Earth-1610. There, he took over as Spider-Man for a deceased, alternate Peter Parker and made a real name for himself - but following 2015’s massive Secret Wars crossover and the temporary end of the Marvel Multiverse, Miles found himself in the mainstream Earth-616 reality, and had to start all over again.

His closest friends and family made the trip over to the 616 with him, but none of Miles Morales’s villains or fellow Ultimates made it. That’s left it up to Miles to carve out a unique niche for himself on Earth-616, separate and distinct from the constant zaniness that is Peter Parker-616’s life. The tale of how Miles lost Earth-1610, gained Earth-616, and rebuilt his life there is a tale worth hearing - and it might even be a better one than his original origin.

  • Miles Morales Of Earth-1610 Met The Peter Parker Of Earth-616 In The 'Spider-Men' Crossover

    When the Ultimate Marvel imprint was launched in 2000 with Ultimate Spider-Man #1, it marked the start of something different. The Ultimate Universe was far from Marvel Comics’ first alternate reality, but this wasn’t just any alternate reality - the Ultimate Universe was an entirely distinct canon that would be built up from scratch and run parallel to the mainstream Earth-616 universe. At the time, the editorial rule seemed to be that the Ultimate Universe, Earth-1610, could never crossover with Earth-616, as doing so would cheapen its authenticity.

    Rules, however, were meant to be broken, and as of 2012’s Spider-Men, the crossover was on.

    That series saw young Miles Morales, who had taken over as Spider-Man for the deceased Peter Parker of Earth-1610, get to meet the original Peter Parker of Earth-616 via Mysterio and his multiversal shenanigans. The two Spider-Men united to defeat Mysterio, with the elder Spidey downloading as much time-worn wisdom into Miles’s head as he possibly could before the adventure was over, and then they parted with mutual respect.

    But that was just the story of the first time that Earth-1610 and Earth-616 crossed over. Now that the seal was broken, there would be several more crossovers to come, with each being decidedly more consequential than the last…

  • Miles Lost His Mother And His Uncle To Separate Tragedies

    Before his time in the Ultimate Universe could come to an end, Miles Morales faced two unspeakable tragedies. The first involved his uncle, Aaron Davis, better known by the people of New York as a master burglar - the Prowler. When Miles and Aaron found out about one another’s alter egos, Uncle Aaron tried to blackmail Miles into aiding his criminal endeavors - and when Miles eventually refused, the Prowler didn’t hesitate to try to end his nephew’s life. But in the climactic fight, it was Aaron who would accidentally cause his own demise via a damaged electro-shock gauntlet. 

    The incident left Miles shook, especially since Uncle Aaron’s last words were, “You are…just…like me.” But his next tragedy would absolutely shatter him.

    A new version of the Venom symbiote got loose and showed up at the hospital where Rio Morales worked, causing chaos everywhere it went. Spider-Man made it to the scene at the same time as the NYPD, who unleashed a hail of bullets that passed right through the alien goo - and into the body of Rio. 

    Miles held his mother as she died, unable to even demonstrate the full measure of his loss for fear of giving up his secret identity. After that, Miles gave up being Spider-Man for more than a calendar year, but he would eventually overcome his grief and make a comeback, and he wasn’t the only one. 

  • Ultimate Spider-Man Saw The End Of The Ultimate Universe As It Crashed Into Earth-616 Via Incursion

    The year 2015 brought the end of not just the Ultimate Universe but of all but the tiniest scraps of the entire Marvel Multiverse. The months prior had seen a series of “incursions,” incidents in which alternate Earths seemingly randomly smashed into one another and were destroyed - until there were only two left, Earth-616 and Earth-1610. Each planet suddenly appeared in the sky of the other one day, and the fight for survival was on. 

    Miles Morales and the Ultimates swung into battle against Earth-616’s Mightiest Heroes, with each side correctly reasoning that blowing up the other Earth was the only way to save their own. Neither side won, and the planets collided, officially ending the Marvel Multiverse with a bang. While all that fighting was going on, however, more brilliant minds were plotting grander designs, and Miles - who never really wanted to have a hand in eliminating his friend Peter Parker’s homeworld - had his eye on them.

  • Miles Morales Survived The End Of The Marvel Multiverse By Stowing Away In Ultimate Reed Richards's Apocalyptic Lifeboat

    As the Marvel Multiverse collapsed at the collision point between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, Doctor Doom revealed himself as the author of the incursions, which turned out to be a means of stopping an even eviler scheme by the extradimensional Beyonders to eliminate all of reality at once. Doom confronted the Beyonders, exploded them with a device made of Molecule Men, and managed to grab onto the few remaining shreds of reality and stitch them together into “Battleworld,” the only planet left in existence where Doom would rule as God Emperor.

    Meanwhile, both the Reed Richards of Earth-616 and the significantly less-moral Reed Richards of Earth-1610 were working on similar contingency plans that involved a “life raft” of sorts that could survive the end of everything. Reed-616 loaded his up with whatever superheroes he could get his hands on in the chaos, and “The Maker” filled his with the likes of Thanos, the Black Order, and Namor the Submariner. But unbeknownst to anyone, Miles Morales also snuck aboard Reed-1610’s life raft and hid away in its rafters just moments before the demise of the Multiverse.

    Miles and the Cabal would awaken eight years into the future of Battleworld, and their presence there would greatly upset the delicate balance that God Emperor Doom had wrought, inciting a conflict that came to be known as the Secret Wars

  • Miles Fought In The 'Secret Wars' Against God Emperor Doom

    Upon waking up from suspended animation on Battleworld, Miles Morales steered clear of Thanos and company and instead partnered up with “Sheriff Strange,” a version of Stephen Strange that had also survived the demise of the universe. Together, they tracked down and opened the life raft of the other Reed Richards, freeing a bunch of different heroes from Earth-616, including Peter Parker.

    But God Emperor Doom learned of the interlopers, and so they had to go on the run. Against the odds, Miles found a fragment of his own universe - or one very similar to his own - and helped rally its people against Doom. Along with the Ultimates and legions of other individuals from Battleworld’s various realms, Miles swung into the big, final fight of the Secret Wars - and that brought him close enough to the action to make a difference. 

  • Miles Used A Cheeseburger To Win Over Molecule Man, The Source Of Doom’s Power

    While the forces of not-Doom were busy assaulting Castle Doom, the two Reed Richardses tasked the two Spider-Men with infiltrating Castle Doom to see if they could suss out the source of the God Emperor’s power. Deep within, they found a hidden chamber that housed the Owen Reece of Earth-616, an omnipotent being with ties to the Beyonders - and the bomb that Doom used to destroy them.

    Peter and Miles made polite talk with the Molecule Man, who asked if they had brought him anything to eat. Peter came up empty, but Miles produced a cheeseburger from one of his costume pockets that was, by his own admission, several days (and eight years’ worth of suspended animation) old. The Molecule Man still devoured it hungrily and told Miles that he now owed him a debt.

    The good Reed Richards would go on to confront his evil Ultimate counterpart, the Maker, and then God Emperor Doom himself in the Molecule Man’s hidden chamber. There, in part because of the good mood that cheeseburger put him in, Molecule Man agreed to strip Doom of his power and grant it to Reed so that Reed could restore the Marvel Multiverse to its former glory.

    But that wasn’t the full extent of Reece’s favor to Miles being paid off. That would come a little later.