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21 Times Miley Cyrus Was a Good Role Model

Everyone is quick to hate on Miley Cyrus. Whether it's her twerking, her bizarre music videos, or her love of baring it all and smoking pot, it's fair to say that she makes a lot of people uncomfortable. It's no wonder that plenty of people out there like to slam the former child star and paint her as a spoiled, reckless brat.   

But not so fast! Miley Cyrus may be outrageous, but she's also learned to embrace her role model status, even doing (dare we say it) GOOD for the world! Yes, Miley Cyrus is actually making a difference in this universe!   

Not only does she work with dozens of charities, giving her time, her money, her name, and even her body to help people less fortunate than she is (a.k.a. nearly everyone), she also started her own foundation to help people in need. Here's a list of things Miley Cyrus has done that prove she's actually a good role model.

  • She Blasted Discriminatory Politicians On Twitter

    Miley was so upset with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton's anti-LGBTQ+ stance and desire to enact a discriminatory bill, she took to Twitter to rally her fans to speak out against him.  She Tweeted, "Senator Cotton thinks gay community needs to get 'perspective' cuz 'In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay.  Let's stir some sh*t up! Senator Cotton (202) 224-2353!!!!"  She also called Indiana Governor Mike Pence "an *sshole" for his discriminatory opinions. 

    Source: Rolling Stone

  • Photo: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / ABC

    She Helped A Family On 'Extreme Makeover'

    Back in 2008, a former soldier who had lost his leg was featured on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. When Cyrus found out the soldier's kids were big fans of hers, she arranged a backstage visit and took the kids go-karting. She then told TV Guide, "I love the show's message. No matter how sad or negative the family's situation is, everyone comes out smiling.''

    Source:  TV Guide

  • She Made A Sick Kid's Wish Come True (Multiple Times)

    Miley Cyrus has been an active participant in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Several sick children have made it their wish to meet Miley, and she has accommodated them every time. Though she may have gotten edgier as she's grown up, Miley always has time to make a kid's wish come true.

    Source:  Wish.org

  • She Visited Various Children's Hospitals (And Sang Christmas Carols)

    Over the years, Cryus has visited many children's hospitals to spend time with kids who are sick.  She has surprised delighted children with her appearances, signing autographs, posing for photos, and listening to them sing. In 2008, she visited a kid with her father, sang Christmas carols, and donated $60,000 dollars.

    Source: CMT