Milhouse's First Television Appearance Wasn't Actually On The Simpsons  

Kellie Kreiss

As if having a shamed president as your namesake weren't bad enough, Milhouse - Bart's naive and timid sidekick - actually made his television debut in a commercial nearly a year before he'd show up at Springfield Elementary School.

Yes, long before everything was coming up Milhouse, before he ever shouted, "Look out, Radioactive Man," even before he learned the lessons that flood pants will keep your cuffs bone dry, "Thrillho" Van Houten was just part of a candy commercial in the initial feeding frenzy of Simpsons monetization.

In the commercial, though, he had somehow already solidified his role as Bart's kickable sidekick and thus began his journey into Simpsons stardom. 

What's worse is that the origin of Milhouse's middle name - Mussolini - only continues his unfortunate legacy. It's all too fitting for a human punching bag and perpetual dud like the erstwhile Fallout Boy.