Incredible Products That Were Invented by the US Military

Say what you will about the U.S. military industrial complex, it sure has given us some truly awesome products, machines, and devices. All right, some military inventions may represent ridicuolous wastes of taxpayer dollars, and quite a few never really needed to exist to begin with (we're looking at you, F-22 Raptor). Still, go ahead and try to make a case that the world isn't a little more awesome for F-22s being in it.

But not everything the army builds exists just for the sake of being cool as hell, or funneling money to congressional districts. Some things invented by the military have found their way into our everyday lives. In fact, practically everything you can think of contains some part, material, or process that came about through military funding. 

On this list, we're going to take a look at some cool military technologies and army inventions that you either use every day, or would if you could. Sorry, no jet fighters included. 
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