The Best Military TV Shows

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Vote up the best live-action shows that have stories centered primarily around the military and military characters.

From dramatic to darkly comedic, these are the very best military shows on television, ranked from best to worst. Popular military TV shows have been a staple of television for years, so there's often debate about what the best military show of all time is. Don't let your favorite military television programs fall to the bottom of the list and be sure to vote them up so they have the chance to reach the top spot, whether they're a military drama or a show that follows special ops.

Everything from M.A.S.H. to Band of Brothers, most of the shows in the NCIS universe, and even that old standby of military sitcoms, Hogan's Heroes, is included on this list. There are lots of military shows on TV—new army TV shows, and old armed forces series—so checking out this ranked list will help you decide which to watch... maybe during your next Netflix binge?

What is the best military show of all time? What are the greatest military shows? From Army TV shows to Navy TV shows and any other division of military shows you can think of, it's time to vote for the best of the best!

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