Twitter Is Roasting Millennials With These New Year Resolution Tweets And Even We Can Feel The Burn  

Mick Jacobs
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The government's New Year resolutions will probably center around ignoring Russia but millennials' 2018 resolutions are simply about taking strides towards looking better and improving millennial business endeavors. Reading these young people's tweets about their life goals will get you in the spirit of self-improvement, too. Their ambitions are somewhat self-deprecating but no one ever says that reinvention is easy! And while many of these resolutions align with millennial stereotypes, they do contain bits of truth.

Indeed, some of these tweets exaggerate but overall they shed light on the current political and social climate that affects so many. The student loan crisis, for example, is increasingly apparent and millennials are trying to figure out how they'll pay theirs off and still afford brunch. 

If you find some of their Twitter resolutions a little hard to swallow, just take them with a bit of smashed avocado.

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Improve Work/Life Balance


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Avoid Triggers


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Really Use That Degree


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Monitor Screen Time


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