Famous Millennial Power Couples You Should Know

From music industry powerhouses and tech moguls to gushing-with-love, downright-adorable actors, this is the definitive list of famous 2016 Millennial power couples you should know. Some of these young celebrities have super cute stories: Did you know that Ellie Goulding was responsible for setting up Tayor Swift and Calvin Harris? Or that Bella Hadid met The Weeknd through her sister, Gigi? Others began romances while working together or even dating other people!

It seems that every day, famous Millennials are sharing stories of their love on Instagram. If you want to stay in the know (and pretend that you're the one married to Ryan Reynolds or Carrie Underwood), check out the famous young couples on this list. If only we could all find a love like Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama!