Why Millennials Are The Most Screwed Generation Of All Time

As a whole, millennials have somehow earned the reputation of being entitled, spoiled, and lazy. They are ruining everything, from casual restaurant chains to the housing market. What many who so quickly brand millennials with these generalizations don’t realize, however, is that millennials are the most screwed generation ever. Why do millennials have it so rough? The actions of previous generations - especially those who were in the position of power - have left millennials trapped in a system in which there is simply no way to win. From the start, millennials entered a workforce which demanded they have a college degree... except that college degree costs boatloads of money. And it all just spiraled from there. The millennial economic hardship is real, despite what baby boomers and Gen X-ers like to say. 

Yes, the olds blame millennials for ruining all sorts of outrageous things, like the fall of bar soap, fabric softener, and cereal. However, millennials should never apologize for not being able to get married, buy a house, or have children, as they are simply too busy dealing with the complete and total mess of the housing market, job market, workforce benefits, and healthcare system that previous generations screwed up. Yes, baby boomers, you screwed it up for us all, so stop calling millennials lazy.